It Gets Better Every Day
It Gets Better Every Day


Tune In Alert: "Laugh Lines" 92nd St Y Live Stream (May 25, 2020)

Looking forward to spending time with some very funny and smart friends, because I am losing what little is left of my mind. And you are invited. O...

Tune In Alert - Lewis Black In Conversation With Elliott Forrest (May 22, 2020)

Streamed for Free. Watch on Facebook Live and YouTube. On Friday evening May 22nd at 8pm, and LCM247 will present GRAMMY-winning come...

The 52nd Street Project Virtual Gala

"In case you missed it, there is some wonderful and magical (yes I said magical) entertainment here from my favorite mentoring group. The work of T...

Tune In Alert - Carlin's Legacy Live Stream (May 12, 2020)

"As always a pleasure to work with the National Comedy Center and a joy to celebrate the genius that is Carlin. If only the heavens would open and ...

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I don't ever wanna live on a planet that doesn't have Lewis Black on it somewhere being surly

Brandon Reynolds

Lewis's live stream is possibly the best thing currently in existence.

Micah Haygood

Your rants help me keep my sanity. With what is happening in the world today, I need to hear your comforting rants that tell it like it is.

Len from Canada

Thank you for reading my vet-brother's rant. Please continue to use your celebrity on our behalf.

R. Mayer

We had a wonderful time at the show Friday night! Thank you so much!

Janet Barrow