Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues CD

Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues CD


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Here's the deal. Comedy Central was interested in me doing an EP to come out just before the election and so we did this on the fly in Santa Rosa, California. We didn't get all the equipment we wanted to mic the audience and since Dan and John weren't there and since they are the producer and the sound man for all my other CDs, I felt it was kind of a bootleg and was amazed when the powers that be wanted to make it my next CD. So that is what this is to me and why I packaged it the way I did, it's a bootleg of a fun night with a great audience, doing a set that continued to evolve later. I was completely stunned when it was nominated for a Grammy. Just goes to show, I don't know what, but it just goes to show. Thanks for listening…Lewis Black


  1. Superbowl Redux

  2. MTV

  3. Halftime ’04

  4. What Sex………..Are They?

  5. Gay Marriage

  6. Justin and Janet

  7. America Loses its Mind

  8. Nipple Clamps

  9. One Nation Under God

  10. Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan

  11. Voting (A Flashback)

  12. Iraq, an Idiots Delight