Rules of Enragement CD

Rules of Enragement CD


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Even when ranting about the mundane, Lewis’ material has a fiery and hilarious edge. But when he moves on to more serious matters, he shows he can be every bit as funny with provocative material. It’s this intensity and ability to make the audience think as well as laugh which brings on comparisons to Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks. In this CD, Lewis is at his biting best, taking weather, health and political commentary to hysterical end.

  1. Minnesota Winters

  2. The Settling of Minnesota

  3. The Coldest Winter EVER!

  4. International Travel

  5. Ireland & Health

  6. Health Clubs

  7. Small Pox

  8. Greed

  9. Who’s Fucking Who

  10. Homeland Security

  11. Bringing Democracy to Iraq

  12. The War in Iraq

  13. A Sense of Humor