Listen to 'The Last Adopter' Podcast - Featuring Lewis Black

The Last Adopert Podcast - With Lewis Black as the voice of Unreason

Listen to Episode 1 - The Computer In The Driveway

The average car today has more than 100 million lines of code in it, causing Lewis Black to wonder whether anyone can be 
bothered with something as mundane as driving anymore. Learn from Ahmed Mahmoud, General Motors CIO, how GM has 
transformed itself into a software company to deliver the tech-enabled cars customers demand. 

Listen to Episode 2 - The Enterprise Strikes Back

When Lewis feels like spending money, he prefers his ducats go to an established company, not a too-cool-for-school start-up.

Listen to Episode 3 - Does Cybersecurity Even Exist?
Based on what he reads in the news every week, Lewis Black thinks the notion of cybersecurity is laughable.

Listen to Episode 4 - Automation For Growth
How companies use automation to enable new business models.