Me Of Little Faith Paperback Book

Me Of Little Faith Paperback Book


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What do we believe? And for God's sake why?

These are the thorny questions that Lewis Black, the bitingly funny comedian, social critic, and bestselling author, tackles in his book, Me of Little Faith. And he's come up with some answers. Or at least his answers. In more than two dozen essays that investigate everything from the differences between how Christians and Jews celebrate their holidays, to the politics of faith, to people's individual search for transcendence, Black explores his unique odyssey through religion and belief.

"The most engagingly pissed-off comedian ever." —Stephen King

"Surprisingly thoughtful." —The Washington Post

"You'll laugh while he's yelling." —

"Black throws humorous barbs at televangelism, the Mormon Church, and the Jewish faith in which he was raised." — Entertainment Weekly

Year published:  2008
253 pages