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Want to help kids, meet Lewis & get a $1,000 tax deduction?

Want to meet Lewis and get a $1,000 tax deduction?

In 2015 & 2016, Lewis Black was proud to help sponsor the first Children of the Forest College Fund, with a goal of $25,000 per year to cover the entire cost of helping 11 kids through four years of college. Thanks to generous donations from YOU, we met and exceeded that goal and 11 children have now completed their freshman & sophomore years of college or vocational school and now it's time to help them through their Junior year!


Team Lewis Black Needs Your Help! (Run For Rogosin 2017)

You can help TEAM LEWIS BLACK Save Lives!

"My dear friend, Steve Olsen started a fantastic fundraiser several years ago called 'Run For Rogosin' to benefit the Rogosin Institute in NYC. Rogosin helps people dealing with kidney disease and was instrumental in helping Steve make it through many years of dialysis before his transplant.

As I have done previously, I've formed TEAM LEWIS BLACK to help raise funds. This fundraiser means a great deal to me & my dear friend Steve Olsen. I hope a few of you will throw a couple bucks to the cause or come out on June 25 and run the 5K. You really are making a difference by donating or running." ~ Lewis

Want to meet Lewis? You know you do!

Exciting news for F.U.C.K.U. Members! Buy your tickets through the fan club and you are automatically entered into a random drawing to MEET Lewis after the show! Yep, it's unbef**kinglievable!  One F.U.C.K.U. Member will be chosen for each show and you and your guest(s) will experience the King of Rant face-to-face!

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Weekend Update

May 13-The Last Hurrah

by Lenny Hughes

We're heading into the home stretch. One more show, tonight in Santa Rosa, and we're all cutting out for several months.

Started this weekend in the remarkable Mission Inn of Riverside, California. I'll be talking about that in a post-mortem I'll send in a couple days.

But since I have been off the grid for a few weeks, I wanted to bring you up to date. When last we talked, we were rolling into St. Louis for a great night at the opera house. The Marx Brothers couldn't have been funnier than Lewis and John.