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Team Lewis Black Needs Your Help! (Run For Rogosin 2020)

"My dear friend, Steve Olsen started a fantastic fundraiser several years ago called 'Run For Rogosin' to benefit the Rogosin Institute in NYC. Rogosin helps people dealing with kidney disease and was instrumental in helping Steve make it through many years of dialysis before his transplant. This year marks the 11th Anniversary of Run For Rogosin!

As I have done previously, I've formed TEAM LEWIS BLACK to help raise funds. This fundraiser means a great deal to me & my dear friend Steve Olsen. I hope a few of you will throw a couple bucks to the cause or come out on June 14 and run the 5K. You really are making a difference by donating or running." ~ Lewis

Back on the Bus

February 7—Coronavirus Tour 2020

by Lenny Hughes

You've probably been asking yourselves, where have I been?

Not the first thing on your minds, of course, what with the sad demise of Kobe Bryant, the sadder performance of the Republican Senate, the devastating natural disasters of Climate Change and the looming plague of the killer virus.