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From the Catskills to Blue Ridge

March 5-In Like a Lion

by Lenny Hughes

The crazy wind storm that greeted us in the new month in Richmond last week has finally died down, and after a slew of shows in the southland, we're seeking refuge in Charleston, South Carolina, for a day off before we head to Asheville.

In Charleston, we met up with our beloved former sound engineer Jeff Costa, who's doing well these days in Myrtle Beach.  We traded cat stories, and relived some of our misadventures from years past in the course of Lew and John's show at the palatial Gaillard Center.

After the Break

February 22-Off the Bus

by Lenny Hughes

“You're either on the bus or off the bus” -Ken Kesey

After a long, sometimes bizarre break, we were back on the road last week in the good old Chicago area.

Happy Valentine's Day?

"The holiday doesn't belong in February. It's February. The most depressing month of the year."
~ Lewis Black on Valentine's Day