Nothing's Sacred Paperback Book

Nothing's Sacred Paperback Book


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Comedian Lewis Black unleashes his trademark subversive wit while recounting his own life story in his New York Times bestselling memoir.

With subversive wit and intellectual honesty, Lewis examines the events of his life that shaped his antiauthoritarian point of view and developed his comedic perspective. Growing up in 1950s suburbia when father knew best and there was a sitcom to prove it, he began to regard authority with a jaundiced eye at an early age. And as that sentiment grew stronger with each passing year, so did his ability to hone in on the absurd.

True to form, he puts common sense above ideology and distills hilarious, biting commentary on all things politically and culturally relevant. "No one is safe from Lewis Black's comic missiles." (New York Times)

"Whenever I'm asked, 'Who makes you laugh?' or "Who would you pay to see?' I don't hesitate for a moment. 'Lewis Black!' Period. He's got it all:  brains, balls and chops. And he sees through all the bullshit." — George Carlin

"No one is safe from Lewis Black's comic missiles." — New York Times

"Lewis Black is the only person I know who can actually yell in print form. Very entertaining read." — Jon Stewart

Year published:  2006
247 pages