A Night With Lewis Black & Friends (Sept 8, 2022)

Thursday, Sept 8 is Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library's A Night with Lewis Black, Sophie Maurer, and Friends at the West Bank Cafe in Manhattan, New York. Not in New York? Please consider passing this onto your New York friends.

Comedian Lewis Black, Chief Librarian of the Brooklyn Public Library Nick Higgins, and KVML’s Founder and CEO Julia Whitehead will speak to censorship and the rise in book bans in the United States in a discussion moderated by KVML's Free Speech Ambassador Sophie Maurer. Musician and Composer Jason Yeager and Vonnegut's Final Publisher Dan Simon will share music inspired by Vonnegut and stories of his life and legacy.
This evening of humor and stories benefits the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library and supports our 2023 year of education Core of the American Experience: Kurt Vonnegut and Education. You'll hear about developments at the museum and the efforts we're making to continue Vonnegut's legacy of free speech and common decency.