Jersey Shore via DC

by Lenny Hughes

Back to the Borgata-April 26

We're here again-at our favorite casino, the Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I like it because of the employee cafeteria; Lewis and John like the video poker and the craps table, respectively. They were last seen after midnight heading out to the floor, where Lewis no doubt risked the entire Black Fortune drawing to an inside straight.

It runs in the family. His parents came up for the show...well, they hung around the Merch table til the last 10 minutes of Lew's set, then made an appearance in the house before we all headed for dinner at one of the restaurants. After dinner, I was spent, but not Sam and Jeannette...they turned their wheelchairs to the casino and hit the slots where they had already spent a good part of the day.

I wish I had half their energy. And if I were half as funny as Mrs. Black, I'd give Lew a run for his money. Last night, I told her that she's funnier than Lewis, and in her usual dry delivery, she said, "Not always."

They were with us at the Warner last week in D.C. And they were in the crowd that Monday, where Lewis was invited to address the National Press Club, right down by the White House.

His speech had to have been one of the best they've had in a long time (though they've suffered some real clunkers: Michelle Bachman was a recent speaker). He fielded a slew of questions from the crowd (and some pre-prepared ones, unbeknownst to Lew). One guy asked if he had any advice for Hillary Clinton.

"Go into hiding," he said. Actually, it was heartfelt, as he pointed out that everyone will be sick of her by the time the election rolls around if she doesn't make herself scarce. She'd be wise to heed him.

He talked about life growing up in the Washington area at a time when the federal government was respected and a middle class existed. And he praised his parents for their social conscience and their laissez-faire parenting.

Mrs. Black seemed to confess a little pride in her son's address at the end, but she had some implied advice of her own:

"I didn't give you permission to quote me," she scolded him.

I took a few pictures of the occasion, including a view of the Capitol from the Metro, a view of the old DC Coliseum where the Beatles first performed in the U.S., a view of the White House from the Press Building, and a shot of Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast-the site of a now-defunct club called El Brookman's, where Lewis performed in his early days. I also dropped into the Air & Space Museum and was happy to see they returned Lindy's Spirit of St. Louis to the main lobby.

Tonight is the second and last show of the penultimate weekend of the Tour. ("Penultimate," for you kids, means "second-to-last," and not "the ultimate," as some news broadcasters seem to think.) We go to Minneapolis, Chicago and Rockford next month, then the roadies will take a big break.

Not Lewis, though-he's got a ton of gigs set up. Some are in Europe. And be sure to catch him on the Fallon "Tonight Show" next week (I think it's Friday-check your local listings).

See you in Minnesota.