On the Road Again

by Lenny Hughes

New Hampshire and Connecticut-September 6-7, 2014

Ahhh...back on The Road, after the long not-real-hot summer.

Lewis spent time in places like Norway and Ireland, Ben was working on the new satellite project, and John played Wiffle-ball marathons in Michigan. Frank worked on his house, anticipating selling the place in Montreal, now that he's going to draw Social Security.

Meanwhile, my major accomplishment was replacing the toilet in the master-bath on the Fourth of July.

I've also been in mourning over the passing of James Garner.

We've been tooling down the Interstate all afternoon, bound for an MGM casino in Ledyard, Connecticut (Google it, kids).

* * *

Oops, sorry...I was interrupted as we pulled into the massive casino. So it's now Sunday, and we're on our way to Ridgefield. Connecticut, for the last show of the weekend. We started this tour Friday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. On our way there. The temperature hit 101 on the Interstate, which meant it was 112 in the trailer. Parsing out the new T-shirts in that little oven wasn't the high-point of the night.

The show, of course, was great. During the Q&A session, Lew was asked to comment on Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. "The great thing about her, was that she never backed down," he said, praising Rivers for having the nerve to be a controversial pioneer. He wasn't close to her, but he was a friend of Williams's, having accompanied him on troops shows in Afghanistan. "We would land at a base, and I just wanted to lie down in the sand-Robin would bounce off the helicopter and start running around-I don't know where he got the energy."

Last night's theater was twice the size of the Portsmouth Music Hall, and they packed 'em in, as they say.

We took off on the bus this afternoon just in time for the football season to get underway. The Redskins are down, and Lewis is screaming, "I'm not doing the show tonight-if my team can't perform, I can't perform."

I can relate-the Saints just lost the lead, so I have to concentrate on the TV.

We depart tomorrow. I go home for another little break, while Lew does a stint in Canada, then they fly out to Albuquerque for one show and a wedding.

Go Saints!