Florida to Maine

February 3-Maine

by Lenny Hughes

So much has changed since last we talked.

That was the weekend before the election in Silver Spring. Seems so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war-or so it would seem. The specter of Donald-J haunts every corner of our lives. It certainly comes up once or twice during the show, as John dons his blond wig for the first part of his set, and Lew adopts the likeness of Ben Carson at one point in his act.

Of course, they quickly take our minds off the Breitbartian Anschluss with John's flirtation with Gwyneth Paltrow's hygiene tips and with Lew's outrage over candy corn.

John Bowman as Donald

Candy corn outrage

Currently we're heading down the I-95 from Maine, where the Rant, White and Blue Tour continued at the University of Maine, and lands tonight in Providence, Rhode Island. On the way, Lewis got a flash course on Instagram from Zeke Foerster, launching his newest link to the fans through social media.

Lewis on Instagram

After the Silver Spring show back in November, and another gig in Philadelphia, I took a break and made another pilgrimage to New Orleans with some wonderful friends-Rob Baluch, Julie Winters and Zina Bleck. Ah, those halcyon days-Obama was still president and the Saints still had a shot (however long) at the Super Bowl.

We found the building on St. Ann Street that "NCIS New Orleans" uses as its French Quarter headquarters. Turns out, the interior is not the stylish office lair for Scott Bakula & Co.-instead, it's just an empty parking lot.

Lewis Black Merch

NCIS New Orleans

After the long Christmas vacation, we re-grouped for two weekends in Florida, the first encompassing Clearwater, Jacksonville and Orlando, and the second trip opening in Fort Lauderdale and winding up in Bonita Springs.

People were complaining of chilly weather down there, but with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, I hardly noticed. And it's a far cry from the forecast in Portland, where we return tonight for the last show of the Maine tour.

Next week, we find ourselves in balmy Boston, Massachusetts. I'll write when we get to work, and I apologize for taking so long to file my compelling travelogue.

-With Love From the North Country,