Happy New Year - I Toast You One And All!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been so supportive not only of my comedy but the charities I work with and support. Your generosity has been extraordinary and deeply appreciated.

Thanks for giving me the freedom that you give me when I am on stage.

Thanks to all of you who watched the live streams I've been doing.
Thanks to all of you who have sent in your questions and for those of you who have shared your funny, sad and deeply heartfelt rants. It has been a privilege for me to share them. I hope I do them justice. When we started doing the streaming I didn't know where it would lead. I'm still not sure. I do know though, that the rants you send give the news of our world, our country and our lives, more depth and meaning.

Happy New Year. Here's to a year of less shock and more awe, of less nonsense and more sense, ofless spite and more respite. A year so grand, that I can just go back totalking about the weather. I toast you one and all.

Okay, enough of this, gotta get back to my regularly scheduled programming of bitching and moaning and yelling and screaming and losing what's left of my mind. ~ Lewis Black