Kurt Vonnegut Fundraiser for 2018 Programming

"My name is NanetteVonnegut, and I am one of Kurt Vonnegut'sdaughters. I've shared my knowledge of the complex person who was my father. I've laughedwith fans of my dad's work, like comedian Lewis Black, an Honorary Board Member of the Vonnegut Library, who generously gives his time and support.

We are asking Kurt Vonnegut fans everywhere to spread the love and spread the word to help us reach our Kickstarter goal for our amazing 2018 Programming. This campaign is meant to raise funds for programs at Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library in 2018. This year of programs called "Lonesome No More" will dive deep into topics associated with mental health awareness and healing.

Please consider being a part of such an impactful project. Don't you agree that more people need to be "Lonesome No More?" - Nanette Vonnegut

Nanette Vonnegut with Lewis