Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library Forever Home Fundraiser

"Kurt Vonnegut has found a home but needs YOUR help. Just a small donation can give his legacy a life into the future.
That's important because his words have changed lives. Possibly yours. Certainly mine." ~ Lewis

In 2011, KVML opened a museum to share Vonnegut's life and work and provide public programming around common decency and free expression. Recently, KVML's lease expired, and the organization signed a purchase agreement for a permanent home at 543 Indiana Avenue, Indianapolis IN.

To raise money for the new museum and library, they've teamed up with USA Today Network's "A Community Thrives" campaign. By working with "A Community Thrives," they are eligible for bonus funds, operating grants, and program grants of up to $100,000, but first, they must raise at least $10,000 through this campaign. Please consider helping with this very reachable goal.