Lewis Black Endorses Bernie Sanders, Tells Bill Cosby to F Himself

Asawin Suebsaeng @ The Daily Beast

The legendary comedian talks about the first candidate he's been excited about in years, and Bill Cosby's entirely hypocritical sanctimony.

"I wish this were a funnier interview."

You can't exactly fault Lewis Black for reverting to pure discontent when discussing the big news of the day. Last Friday saw the release of Pixar's latest masterpiece Inside Out, in which he suitably voices the red-hot emotion of Anger. He had never expected to be tapped for a Pixar summer flick.

"Not in this lifetime, at least," he tells The Daily Beast. "Mostly, it was shock that they wanted [me]. I was stunned."

But in the time that he's been helping to promote the film, the 66-year-old comedian was-like so many others in this country-busy following the news out of Charleston as it unfolded on live TV.

"I was utterly appalled. When does it end?" Black says. "It reminded me of the bombings of the churches I saw on the news [when I was a kid]. You watch that on TV on a regular basis, it has an effect on you. And to see it again on an almost even more primitive level, or on its basest level? One kid, walking in with a gun, and sitting with them," says Black.

"It's almost easier to accept, ‘Well, he wants to kill these people. He's gonna go in and shoot them.' Not sit down with them! At a prayer meeting. Talk about a level of detachment from reality and empathy. That's the bitch of it: Just when you think [America is] over this kind of shit, we're not."