Lewis Black Mouths Off on Trump and Clinton

MIchael Musto / The Village Voice

The last angry man, Lewis Black is a hilarious raging bull of a comic who aims a great deal of his nostril-fumes at the absurdity of the political system. Born in D.C., poetically enough, Black became well-known on Comedy Central and now takes his act to the land of Hamilton and The Book of Mormon. His one-kvetch show, Lewis Black: Black to the Future, will be at the Marquis Theatre on September 12, 19, and 26 and October 10, 17, and 24 - all Mondays, when the theater is dark anyway, as he jokes. I called him for a venting session.

Hello, Lewis. Let's cut to the chase: Do you think Hillary is a crook?

Common sense doesn't seem to be her strong suit, but that comes with spending too much time in Arkansas. Sometimes I feel the Clintons were walking in a park somewhere and got hit by lightning. "Really? You didn't think anybody would pick up on this stuff?" How is it humanly possible that we've arrived at a point in time where the Republicans, if they had spent ten minutes in lucidity, trying to find someone who acted like a leader, they might have actually gone up against Hillary and be able to win it. And the Democrats could have found a number of people. Both sides were given the rare opportunity to win without a contest, and both of them said, "No. Let's try this idea." People dismiss what the rest of the world thinks, but when the rest of the world thinks you're stupid, that's a lot of people. Start counting, jackass. We really need a democracy for this?