Lewis Black Says Vote For The ACLU Voters Rights Video To Win A Webby Award

A message from Lewis Black:

The video I did with the ACLU just got nominated for a Webby award! Wow, I never expected to be nominated for a Webby. Did you even know there were Webbys to be nominated for? I'm thrilled!

Last fall, I got so fired up when I heard about all the politicians around the country who were trying to block access to voting - I just had to create this video to send them a message.

And over 32,000 ACLU supporters signed my open letter to politicians telling them to get off their a**es and do the right thing. Thanks for that!

Now I need your help to get this video out to as many people as possible - will you take a minute and vote for it on the Webby site?

It would mean a lot to the team at ACLU, and of course, to me, if you took a moment and voted for us.

I mean, the cornerstone of this great country is the right to vote - and these politicians are creating obstacles for voters? How stupid is that? Why wouldn't you want someone to vote unless you thought that person might not vote for you.

People marched and fought and died for the right to vote. And I won't let them legislate away that sacrifice. Not on my watch!

Time is running out to vote - you only have till midnight on Thursday, April 23rd. So please vote today, and get all your friends and family to vote... for this video. (And of course, in other elections. But right now, we need your vote in support of voter rights for the Webby!)

It requires that you sign-up (after you click "VOTE"), but if you use your Facebook account for the sign-up, it only takes 2 clicks and 15 seconds to complete. For the technologically challenged, like myself, it may take longer. So grab a beverage and enjoy the ride. It'll be worth it.

Don't let me down,

P.S. Wanna watch the video again and see me in all my glory? Click here to check it out and read my open letter.