Lewis Black Will Stay on The Daily Show Even After Jon Stewart Leaves


Many long-time correspondents on The Daily Show have left ahead of Jon Stewart‘s impending departure, like Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, and John Oliver, but at least we know that once Trevor Noah takes his seat behind the desk, Lewis Black will still be there. And considering the presidential election we have next year, we are really going to need him.


Black is a fixture on the show as well as the longest-running correspondent, having started when the show itself started back in 1996. He has since gifted us with 19 years of "Back in Black" segments while touring the world as a standup the whole time. And if we can go ahead and try to defy science, maybe we can keep him around forever. Because as long as there are stupid people in the world who need to be yelled at, Lewis Black will have a job.


He broke the news while promoting Inside Out, in which he provides the voice of the emotion Serenity. I'm kidding, he's playing Anger.

"I'm gonna work it for a little while longer. Part of it is, they want me to stay. But also, it's a way for me to maintain a public profile. Like it or not, I'm not big and TV is important in terms of that. TV and then that it gets to the internet."

But Screen Crush also reveals that Black's relationship with The Daily Show hasn't always been as great as it seems. In the beginning, he did all of his own writing - until a new producer showed up:

"A producer came in and the, pardon the use of the term, douchebag f*cked with me. And basically cut me out of the writing. And, I said, ‘OK, I'll just perform it.' And, I did for a while. Now, I'm back in the groove and have some input. But, it really did almost destroy my relationship with the show."

Who would have the ‘nads to screw with Lewis Black? Either way, it's not an issue anymore and Black says the current staff of writers "write really well" for his voice and that once again, the show is "really fun to do."

That's a relief. I would have gone all Lewis Black on someone if this had all gone awry.