The Mentors: A new series you can watch for free!

Lewis is the co-creator/producer of a new, 6-episode series called The Mentors. Watch for free!

The Mentors comes from the mind of actor and producer Lauren Ashley Carter (Warwick Street Productions)after meeting actor Joe Grifasi and comedian Lewis Black during the production of One Slight Hitch,a play written by Lewis and directed by Joe. Carter had the chance to hear Bob Newhart speak during a talk back for The Big Bang Theory in Los Angeles, and when Mr. Newhart was asked about what has changed about the industry since he first began, he responded frankly that everything had changed, and not one thing is the same about "breaking into the industry." In a time where content is taking over our screens, the idea of a fruitful mentorship in this new world of entertainment seemed so daunting and impossible. Carter began talking to actors and filmmakers of all ages about their experiences with mentorships from the sides of both mentor and mentee. She was inspired to create a dark comedy series that revolved around mentorships with new stories and players for every micro-episode with her writing partner Lewis Black.