Midwest Finale

October 8-Midwest Fest

by Lenny Hughes

We're cruising through the Daniel Boone National Forest, on our way out of that two-week romp through the midwest. The trees have started to turn out here already.

We were at the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana, last night. I caught the tail end of the show as Lew responded to "rants" on his tablet. He was surprisingly well-received in Pence Country, just as the news was breaking that Donald Trump was admitting he liked to grab women in that 2005 video. Lewis didn't comment on it, because the revelation was just airing, but I imagine we'll hear about it soon enough.

On our way out, we found one of Lewis's finest films was on Comedy Central. Odd phenomenological experience watch Lew watch himself on the bus's TV. And what a fine movie is "Accepted."

Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth IN

Live Q&A Rants


Last month, you may recall, we were heading to Des Moines. Unlike Springfield, Mo., which was so nice for preserving things, Des Moines is in a reconstruction frenzy. For blocks around the theater, they were gutting old buildings, revamping the interiors and in the case of an imposing old art-deco structure, they were in the process of obscuring the facade.

Des Moines reconstruction

We ended up that week in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the famed Mayo Clinic. I never saw such a pleasantly polite crowd of people as they approached the merch table. We had to fly out next morning, so Lew couldn't do a signing, but he autographed a pile of DVDs on our way in.

Lewis autographing DVDs on the bus

Last week, we started out in Skokie, Illinois, did the show, then split for Appleton, Wisconsin, the drinking-est city in America. Must have been 20 bars in the space of two blocks around the theater.

Appleton Beer Factory

Wisconsin Capitol

Final stop was the capital city of Madison, then back home via Detroit.

We're pulling into Huntington, West Virginia, even as we speak, so I'll break it off for now.