I am still in shock over Robin's death.

He's one of those folks you think will be around forever. His energy was boundless, so why wouldn't he be? His mind took mental gymnastics to a whole new level.

He was a force of nature. And I will miss him terribly.

I was on a plane when I heard of his death on the in-flight television. I thought it was some sort of hideous joke. Like it was a set up to a very funny punchline. When I realized he was really gone, I cried.

I had just finished watching a documentary about Lance Armstrong, who was on my first USO tour with Robin. A man now universally despised and a man universally loved. And they were friends.

I only wish Robin could have channelled the love he gave to others without hesitation to himself. Or that the outpouring of love for him, that we see today, could have lifted him out of his depression.

It is sad. There is a hole in the Universe.

Once again...
the good die young and pricks live forever.

May peace finally be with him. - Lewis Black
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