Pre-Christmas Special Live Thu Nov 6

Lewis Black's Pre-Christmas *Special*
Streaming LIVE from Salt Lake City
Thursday, November 6th 9:30pm ET

Go to NOW to submit your questions for tonight's show.

Ok, we're using *Special* a bit loosely here, but calling it Lewis Black's Obscenity-Laden, Spittle-Spewing, Politician-Hating Live Stream seemed a bit of a mouthful. But we promise there will be plenty of ranting as Lewis wraps up the post-election bullshit, talks about the new tour, the fan club and all the great new swag in the online store. And he'll be taking questions from all of you! So dial up Thursday Nov 6 at 9:30pm ET to watch and send Lewis your questions.

And a Merry Fucking Christmas one and all!

Santa Black