Meet Lewis Black!

Want to meet Lewis? You know you do! Exciting news for F.U.C.K.U. Members! Buy your tickets through the fan club and you are automatically entered into a random drawing to MEET Lewis after the show! Yep, it's unbef**kinglievable!

(Lewis, Janet, John Bowman)

"I was so thrilled to be selected among Lewis's and John's fans to meet with the two of them after their show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA, on Saturday, November 1, 2014. My friend Darryl and I sat in the first row center of the orchestra pit (and have the delightfully sore necks to prove it).

I have seen Lew in action on stage many times, not to mention joining the Lew's Cruisers on both of his comedy cruises. But I never realized the amount of physical and psychological energy they put into giving their audience members a complete comedic experience. I was most impressed that they had the good spirits, attentiveness and energy to meet with fans afterwards.

I felt very special to have a moment to tell Lew and John how much their making me laugh has meant to me. As one who has kept the facial tissue industry profitable these past 15 plus years, I've finally realized that the energy and spirit of soul-hearty laughter has much the same dynamic energy and release as shedding tears, only I come away from these laugh fests with a resurgent spark of hope! Thanks so much for that guys, and keep it up--in every sense of the phrase." - Janet Harvey-Clark

(John Bowman, Darryl, Lewis)