Save The West Bank Cafe - Virtual Telethon (Dec 25)

Lewis at West Bank Cafe circa 1980s

I am posting this because I think it truly is a great Christmas story and this Christmas, I think we could use great Christmas stories. I am not asking you for a donation, not at this time of year and not after a year like this. I just thought you might like to know about it.

I've talked about this place a lot as it truly has been my home in New York City. I could walk in on any given night, after being on the road, and there would be some one there I knew in the theatre and hadn't seen in months, or maybe years, and we could catch up. It is where I worked for years as the playwright in residence and I was as artistically satisfied in a hundred seat theatre, in the basement, as I've been anywhere else in my career. It is also where I went from being a playwright to becoming a comedian. It is where so many doors were opened to me.

The West Bank Cafe has always been more than just a restaurant. From the moment its doors opened in 1978, Steve Olsen has made it a home for the Artistic Community of our city. Musical and theatre productions of all kinds have been performed on its stage. It's a place where the opening and closing of shows have been celebrated and mourned as have Births and Marriages and Deaths. Where young artists have grown and known artists have felt comfortable enough to be themselves. And none of this has taken place in the name of profit.

The West Bank Cafe. There is no place like it. Yes, I'm being sentimental. And I don't like being sentimental. ~ Lewis


The FREE telethon will start streaming on Christmas day at Noon EST and continue until the talent stops! A full list of contributing artists will be announced on Dec 24.

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