Thank You!

Sorry for being tardy on this, but it's what that back to school time of year does to me.
Makes me late.
I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and birthday wishes that were sent to my mom and to me. It meant a lot. I was thinking of asking folks who wanted to, to send her birthday cards, but knew that too many of those would piss her off. "How come they didn't send them when I turned 99?!!!!?!!!?" I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and the love you show to my folks.
Also to Stand Up Live Huntsville and to all the folks who made us welcome throughout the city, thank you thank you and thank you and thank you, too. A great start to the tour and hopefully a new tv series if all goes well, but if not, we had a ball shooting it. ~ Lewis

lewis and his mom for her 100th birthday
Lewis and his mom, Jeannette who just celebrated her 100th birthday!

lewis mom and dad birthday
Lewis' dad, Sam (who is also 100 years old) with wife Jeannette

lewis on his 70th birthday
Lewis celebrates his 70th birthday (Aug 30, 2018). Photo courtesy of Kathleen Madigan