To those who purchased tickets for my shows in Nashville...

To all of those who purchased tickets for my show in Nashville:

I want to apologize for having to cancel those shows. It had been cancelled once due to the pandemic. I have rarely had to cancel shows as I realize how much time and energy folks coming to a show put into making it happen. However I started this tour doing way too much way too soon. I was wayyyyy too excited and although I was able to get some shows done apparently my body said fuck you and so I am now dealing with some health issues. NONOTCOVID! And so I had no choice but to cancel.

I will get better. I will get back to Nashville. I can't tell you how disappointed I am not to be there this weekend. I have missed you more than I missed the laughs. I deeply appreciate your patience and for your understanding. And can't thank you enough for holding on to those tickets for so long. It means the world to me.