Help kids, meet Lewis & get a tax deduction

💗 YOU Can Make A Difference!

"Your past and continued support of the Children of the Forest Education Fund has been so successful that we have continued the campaign. Your donations will now provide life changing education and ultimately citizenship to younger, stateless children through kindergarten, elementary and high school. 
Let's keep this going! This means a great deal to me but much more to these kids. Potentially hundreds of children will be now given an opportunity through education that has previously never been in their grasp. It's something minimal we can do to change lives... to give back, and that's what makes it worthwhile. YOU can make a world of difference.” ~ Lewis Black

Help kids, Meet Lewis & get a tax deduction

In 2015, Lewis Black was proud to help sponsor the first Children of the Forest Education Fund, with a goal of raising funds to cover the entire cost of helping 12 kids through four years of college. Thanks to YOUR generous donations, we met that goal.

Lewis is retiring from touring, so the 2024 tour will be his last! We hope to raise enough to cover the annual cost to operate the COF Young Children’s House (ages 3-12) and the COF Middle Age Boys and Girls House’s (ages 6-14). Both houses provide safe residences, health care, education, care workers, clothes, and legal assistance to start their path to legal status in Thailand, for these stateless children who have been abandoned, abused or orphaned on the Thai-Myanmar border.

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