"Let's make a new website!"

When life gives you lemons, a lot of people make lemonade and I said, "The hell with that. Let's make a new website!"

'Little Lew' Lockdown - Take the challenge!

Little Lew is putting the RANT in quaRANTine! Here's your chance to get creative and show us how you and your Lewis Black bobblehead are getting th...

Stars in the house - an actors fund project

Stars In The House is a great way to pass time in self-imposed exile and a way to give... From my friends James Wesley and Seth Rudetsky. I hope to...

Break Time

March 13—Coronavirus Holiday by Lenny Hughes The celebrated Prevost Tour Bus has come to an unscheduled pitstop—side-lined, not by a head-on collis...

Watch The Replay - NEW Back In Black (The Daily Show) Mar 4, 2020

NEW Back In Black Segment Mar 4 @ 11pm/10pmC The Daily Show on Comedy Central

Up In The Air

February 27—Flyin' High by Lenny Hughes March winds are on the way, and we're high as a kite. Well, not the kind of “high” you're thinking about—we...

Back on the Bus

February 7—Coronavirus Tour 2020 by Lenny Hughes You've probably been asking yourselves, where have I been? Not the first thing on your minds, of c...

Watch Replay - Late Night With Seth Meyers (Jan 23, 2020)

TUNE IN ALERT! Lewis will be a guest Thurs, Jan 23 on Late Night With Seth Meyers,  12:35 / 11:35pm Central on NBC. WATCH REPLAY

NEW BACK IN BLACK - THE DAILY SHOW (Dec 10, 2019) Watch the replay

NEW Back In Black Segment Dec 10 @ 11pm/10pmC The Daily Show on Comedy Central (Photo: Sean Gallagher @seanogallagher) Watch The Replay

Free shit for the holidays in the Black Market

Now through Dec 18. Everyone loves FREE shit! And just in time for the holidays. Gifts galore for you and your friends in the Black Market.

Holiday Shipping & Customer Service Schedule

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Orders placed after 10amPT on Thursday Dec 19 will be shipped starting on Jan 2, after the holiday break. Everyone knows you can't...

Help kids, meet Lewis & get a tax deduction

YOU Can Make A Difference!   "Your past and continued support of the Children of the Forest College Fund has been so successful that we are extend...