Want to meet Lewis? You know you do!

As with fan club tickets, the maximum number of tickets/meet & greet passes per show is four. Example:  Fan club members who buy two F.U.C.K.U. tickets can attend the meet & greet with their one guest. Members who buy one ticket, cannot bring a guest, etc. Remember, you must purchase your tickets through F.U.C.K.U. to be entered into the random drawing. Winners will be notified by email a few weeks before the show.

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Testimonials from happy F.U.C.K.U. Members & COF Donors:

Greg Screws & Gen Rawdon ~ Knoxville TN

Lewis was fantastic in Knoxville. And there were some challenges. We rolled in on Friday to discover that Garth Brooks was at Neyland Stadium Saturday night. About 80-85 thousand expected! Saturday night, all the Garth fans were headed to the stadium while we were swimming upstream against them to get to the Bijou. Lewis came out about 9:05 and apologized for starting late cause he was trying to get Garth tickets....LOL! Lewis was fantastic! He always is. And I watch a lot of The Rant is Due segments and I believe Knoxville was the best I had seen. In the meet & greet he was really cool. He signed everything for everyone.  We thanked him for hanging around. A really great night. Can't wait to see him again soon. ~ Greg Screws & Gen Rawdon

Joah & Howard Weissman ~ Skokie IL

We never laughed so hard! ~ Joah & Howard Weissman

Daniel Worrell & Jennifer Alexander ~ Iowa City IA

Here's our photograph our my meet and greet with Lewis at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City IA  Thank you! ~ Jennifer Alexander and Daniel Worrell

Ryan & Tammy Kussmaul ~ Grand Rapids MI

My son and I saw Mr. Black in Grand Rapids, MI in November 2019. As a F.U.C.K.U. member, we had the best seats, right in the front row, AND we were randomly selected to meet Mr. Black after the show – oh lucky day! The show was amazing, and we had a great time afterwards. Moral of this story: join the fan club, get great seats and meet Lewis Black!! ~ Tammy and Ryan Kussmaul

Beth & Kurt Bell ~ Milwaukee WI
Thank you for the laughs and kindness during the meet and greet. We had a great time, and it was so great to meet our favorite comedian! We look forward to the Waukegan show! ~ Kurt & Beth Bell

Bernard & Sally Paul ~ Bellingham WA
This was our 3rd Lewis Black concert in 3 years, and the 2nd as FUCKU members. We were ecstatic to be selected in a random drawing to meet Lewis after his show in Bellingham, WA. We could not believe what good seats we had – first row, dead center. We really enjoyed John Bowman’s opening performance and what hilarious impersonations he did of Lewis Black, Trump and Giuliani. After the show, we and another couple got to meet Lewis backstage. We had him sign our bobblehead and new Lewis Black Christmas ornament. We were so nervous we barely were able to articulate how thankful we are for his humor thru the years that has helped us keep our sanity. We look forward to his next visit to the Pacific Northwest. ~ Bernard & Sally Paul

Linda & Colby Miller ~ Ann Arbor MI
Had a great time at your show yesterday evening in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Your observations were insightful, thought provoking and hilarious. Enjoyed your warm up act Jeff, too. However, the highlight of the evening was the opportunity to meet with you after the show. You were gracious, engaging and personable, as well as generous with your time. The stories you shared with us were both humorous and poignant. It was an experience my wife Linda and I will long remember! Thanks again for a wonderful evening! ~ Colby Miller

Darlene Graham ~ Elgin
It was such an enjoyable experience to meet Lewis Black after the show!  We totally enjoyed the show and laughed all the way through Jeff, the opening comedian and on into Lewis’s insightful comedic renderings. The fun never ended and, of course, Lewis had us laughing non stop! The Rant portion was great as usual. I want to thank you all for the excellent handling getting us backstage to meet and greet Lew and making our experience relaxed and enjoyable. Lewis was so gracious! Thank you all so much for this fabulous experience to end an evening of fun and laughter!  Sure needed a respite from everyday reality which Lewis Black proves is the funniest material of all. ~ Darlene Graham (Proud card carrying member of F.U.C.K.U)

Tom Palmieri ~ New Brunswick NJ
It was great to spend a few minutes with Lewis after the show! It was great to talk with Lewis about his memories of New Brunswick, as I am a Rutgers alumnus who attended many shows at The Stress Factory over the years. We really enjoyed our visit with Lewis! Attached is a picture of us with Lewis…which we think would make a perfect Christmas card to send to all our friends this year. Thanks again for this opportunity ~ Tom Palmieri

Sandy & Jack DeGaine ~ Tucson AZ
Sandy and Jack meeting Lewis backstage at the Tucson show. We had a fantastic time!!! ~ Sandy DeGaine

Jim & Donna Strahan ~ Atlantic City NJ
We met Lewis after his show in Atlantic City. First of all, the show was great. My wife and I laughed so hard we hurt. We were then escorted backstage and met him. He was extremely nice and pleasant to speak with. He signed the book we purchased and told us it may become a broadway show. We told him we’ll see him in the fall. I purchased tickets for that show today. ~ Jim Strahan

Kathy & Steven Pearlman ~ Englewood NJ
Tell Lewis I'm getting a good GPS - we were "more lost" getting home. ~ Kathy Pearlman

Liz Clark ~ Oklahoma City OK
Just wanted to express my appreciation to you and your staff for allowing me to meet with you after the concert. From John Bowman and even the guy that thrilled me by selling me my socks, your team was great! ~ Liz Clark

Alfred Rinkerman ~ Akron OH
It was a great honor to have the opportunity to meet & chat with Lewis. I was invited and attended the Audible taping in NYC last April. That was actually when I first met Lewis. I was waiting in the lobby and stopped him at the elevator. I asked to take a picture with him. Since I was unsure how to do a “selfie” he gave me a crash course in his direct manner with effective language! As a fan I’ve traveled to Greensburg PA, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Rochester NY, NYC & Akron OH. Looking forward to next tour. ~ Alfred Rinkerman

Judy Adams ~ Riverside CA
I attended Lewis’ show at the Fox Theatre.  An evening of fun and laughter, great start to 2019. The meet and greet with Lewis was a special treat. Thank you, Lewis for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with you after the show to visit and for a photo with you. Your time, kindness and understanding means a lot. ~ Judy Adams

Fred & Barbara Schreiber ~ San Francisco CA
As a long time member of our favorite F.U.C.K.U. club, I really appreciated the chance to meet up with Lew and John following the show. During my brief interaction with Lew I mentioned something that most if not all of his many fans feel - thanks for comedically and directly keeping the key issues of the day in front of us all in a way that allow us to not only process strong, simmering feelings and emotions but as well laugh at both our and others many foibles. ~ Fred Schreiber

Dave Dublin & David Bolstein ~ Minneapolis MN
Thank you for the opportunity to meet the guy that fuels my cynicism. He also reminds me .... I’m not alone in seeing the absurdity of it all. With great admiration and respect! Dave Dubin and spouse David Bolstein!

John Bowan, John Healy, Lewis Black ~ Westbury NY
My Better half Christine and I had a great time capped off by the opportunity to meet Lewis and John. Both true gentlemen. Thank you both for a great show! ~ John & Christine Healy

Jacki & Jay Quan ~ Red Bank NJ
Thanks so for the meet & greet. My husband Jay and I are huge fans! We, and our 9 other guests, really enjoyed the show. Mr. Black is the best comedian left standing! ~ Jacki & Jay Quan

Courtney Curato & Meredith Dupee ~ Ft Myers FL
We had a fantastic time last night at the show. Lewis and John were terrific. I have seen them perform 18 times now and they just get better and better. It was an honor to meet them back stage as well. Ironically I am moving to Chautauqua, NY in about three weeks and will be working with members of the team at the National Comedy Center through my new position as the Director of the Small Business Development Center at Jamestown Community College. I am looking forward to checking out the center, and hopefully seeing Lewis in Chautauqua Institution this summer. Thank you for this incredible opportunity. ~ Courtney Curatolo

Frank Wilson & his mom, Rose ~ Red Bank NJ
Thank you a million times over for the opportunity to meet Lewis following his fantastic performance in Red Bank. The photo looks like it was taken inside Lewis' garage, but it's actually the backstage area of the historic Count Basie Theatre. Lewis was a total class act. We also got to meet the very funny John Bowman, as well as Lenny at the merch table from whom I bought a Lewis Black bobblehead that was autographed by the man himself! Great show, great seats, great venue and we appreciate all of it! ~ Frank Wilson and my mom, Rose

Karen & Don Nord ~ Springfield MO
Had an absofuckinlutely awesome tim e at Lewis' show...He's the BEST! Thank you Lew, you're the greatest! ~ Don & Karen Nord

Lynette LeGarde ~ Rochester MN
Thank you!! It was great meeting Mr. Black!! It was a great show!! ~ Lynette LeGarde

Corey Clarke & friend ~ Des Moines IA

Chris Carson ~ Greensburg PA
Here’s a picture from the Meet & Greet in Greensburg, Pa! It was great to meet Lew and John! Already looking forward to their next show in Pittsburgh! Thanks ~ Chris Carson

Denise Alper ~ Nashville TN
I enjoyed the whole Lewis Black experience in Nashville. My son, Eliot, loved the photo I got with the love note from Lewis which reads "Fuck you, Eliot." I was talking with him about Chautuaqua Institution in NY where I heard him last summer during comedy week. Thanks again! ~ Denise Alper

Stephen Croft & Silas Stephan ~ Atlantic City NJ
We want to thank the crew and Lewis for spending time with us on his busy night on Friday. I was ecstatic that he closed out the show reading my rant about airplanes, and being able to thank him as a disabled veteran made my year!  I also want to thank him for using my book report of a rant about commercials for the Audible special. Thanks again to everyone! ~ Silas Stephan

Kristen Brown & Jane Cantrell ~ Charleston SC
The Charleston show was so much fun. Seats were great and the meet & greet was amazing. Mr. Black was so kind and generous with his time. I was such a nervous babbling idiot, but after the sweetest hug from him, a good part of the nervousness and idiocy subsided, but babbling continued. He wrote a beautiful inscription in my copy of “I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas.” It brought tears to my eyes. Though I have always had the desire to donate and help others, I found it difficult to know if my efforts were supporting good causes. It is from this book, I was assured that any charity Mr. Black supported was a good cause. He became my moral compass.Thank you all again so much. This is an experience I will never forget. ~ Kristen Brown

Robert Harvey & guest ~ Roanoke VA
Thank you Lewis and crew for a truly wonderful show! John Bowman was hilarious as opener, and Lewis live (from the front row center no less) was more amazingly funny than you can ever experience from watching him on TV (although I never miss a Back in Black episode). He was especially good handing the few yoyo hecklers, very politely and effectively handled. Getting to do the meet-and-greet was the icing on the cake -- as others have noted, Lewis is very nice in person, and was a great sport for the pictures and autograph. Thanks again for a wonderful evening of entertainment and thought-provoking ideas! ~ Robert Harvey

Marney & Gary Rowland ~ Kingston NY
F.U.C.K.U. Fan Club Rocks!!!  We had great seats and being selected to a meet and greet with Lewis was the highlight of fun filled evening. John Bowman's opening act was great and Lewis was as fantastic as ever. After the show we got to talk with John and Ben while waiting and they both were so friendly and put us at ease. In fact, Lenny and all the crew were just fantastic. Meeting Lewis was wonderful. He was very gracious in taking time to chat and a join us for a photo. It made this show even more special and we look forward to seeing him next time around. ~ Gary & Marney Rowland

Nick & Katharine ~ Princeton NJ
I surprised my boyfriend, Nick, with tickets to see Lewis at Princeton as a Valentine's Day gift. Nick is a HUGE fan of Lewis, and we had an amazing time. The FUCKU Fan Club wonderfully gifted us with the opportunity to meet Lewis backstage after the show. Nick's excitement was palpable, and he took the opportunity to borderline accost Lewis, reciting all of his favorite lines from past stand-up routines.Lewis seemed to get a kick out of Nick's enthusiasm, at one point saying "At least someone listens to my shit!!" Thank you so much for making it such a great experience. Keep doing what you're doing. You guys rock. ~ Katharine Maglione

Judy Adams ~ Anaheim CA
What an incredible way to cap off having been fortunate enough to attend four of Lewis' 2018 Southern California shows and experience in person his intelligent topical humor and rants via his onstage persona. Lewis, you are truly a charming man, and I appreciate you taking the time to spend a few minutes to visit with me and pose with me for a photograph. (Thanks, Ben for taking the photo.) ~ Judy Adams

Jennifer & Keith Voorhees ~ Monterey CA
Thank you SO much for the opportunity to meet Lewis, John Bowman, and (SURPRISE) Jeff Stilsan! We have been huge Lewis Black fans and F.U.C.K.U members for years. Though we’ve traveled as far as Santa Rosa for a show, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate Lewis coming to our sleepy little tourist town of Monterey. The 3 comedians couldn’t have been lovelier during the meet and greet. We were nervous and didn’t know what to say, but they put us at ease early. Lewis' comedy helped get me through some tough times and HE taught me how to cuss. The current state of the world is frightening to say the least. Thankfully we have Lew to keep us sane. ~ Jennifer and Kevin Voorhees

Rebecca Paulus & Matt ~ Bethlehem PA
It was so great to say hello to Lewis after the show. My brother Matt and I enjoyed it very much, and we both hope Lewis will come back to Bethlehem soon. ~ Rebecca Paulus

Kathleen Madigan, Bentley & Michelle Lowther ~ Calgary AB Canada
My husband and I were very lucky to meet Mr. Black and his partner in crime, Ms. Madigan, after the wonderful performance they gave in Calgary, AB! We chatted about getting back to work, visiting Banff, golfing in Banff, and letting him know about another beautiful golf course in Kananaskis country. It was really nice to meet him and I really appreciated the opportunity. Thanks again!! - Michelle & Bentley Lowther

John Bowman, Lewis, Sandy & Lance Greenfield ~ Santa Rosa CA
We had an absolutely wonderful evening last night...our seats were front row, center directly in front of Lewis and John performing! After the show, we were led backstage and met John and Lewis first..they were both so gracious and friendly (as if we were old friends). I was able to get John Bowman's End of Tour Uke! A fantastic keepsake as I am a member of the Valley Ukulele Society in Folsom! It was very difficult to leave, but Lewis signed his book for us with a personable inscription and we will always keep it and cherish it as a terrific memento. Thank you (and the organization) for such a special special evening we will never forget. ~ Lance Greenfield

LMelanie Klein & John Bowman ~ Modesto CA
Lew and John put on a wonderful show last night in Modesto, CA! Thank you so much for allowing me to get backstage and take some pictures with them. My knees were buckling meeting my older man crush, Lew, and I was just speechless. He is my favorite celebrity in the world. You have no idea how much last night meant! It was a memory I will cherish forever. I hope they enjoyed the cookies and if you could pass it along,  please tell him thank you again, from a fan for over 17 years ( half my life!) ~ Melanie Klein

Billie Trop & hubby ~ Thousand Oaks CA
My wife Billie and I have been big fans of Lewis for a long time. We have been to every show at the T.O. Performing Arts Center. To be able to meet Lewis back stage was a thrill. He was absolutely genuine and a delight. We would like to thank the fan club for this great opportunity and look forward to our next Lewis Black show. ~ Mr. Trop

Alicia Kozlek - Pittsburgh PA
We had a wonderful time last night! The show was great and meeting Lewis was the icing on the cake. Thank you all for helping to make it happen!! ~ Alicia Kozlek

Adam Reiter & his wife (with John Bowman) ~ Atlantic City NJ
Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to meet Lewis and John Bowman in Atlantic City on 3/11/17. The show was hilarious as usual. Lewis and John were both very kind. My wife and I are both shy and I have social anxiety issues but they handled our awkwardness well, lol. Thanks again. - Adam Reiter

David McCullum ~ Bellingham WA
We loved the show and had a great visit afterwards. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - David McCullum

Malcom Brown, Marti Brown & David Brown ~ Coral Springs FL
Everyone was amazing last night. Lewis was hysterical and angry as always. My father almost didn't make it in from NYC, due to plane problems. We actually found out from talking to Lewis that one of the merchandise people was on my fathers plane and wasn't sure he'd make the show. Thanks, Lewis for everything and for always making us laugh and think! - David Brown

John Quackenbush & Mary Kalamaras ~ Boston MA
The Rant, White & Blue show was nothing short of absolute killer genius, and we ached from laughing so much. Of course, the highlight of our night was meeting Lewis, along with the amazing John Bowman, and shooting the breeze. We felt so welcome and it was so relaxed--like we were hanging in a kitchen together at a party. Here are two of the funniest, most insightful guys on the planet, yet so down to earth! An unforgettable night! Thank you, Lewis, John, and the F.U.C.K.U. organization! - Mary Kalamaras

Bruce & Patricia Brickmeier ~ Westbury NY
Thanks for an amazing evening at the Lewis Black Rant, White & Blue tour (2/17) and the very special after-show meet and greet experience!!  My husband Bruce and I had such a great time!!  John was so funny opening up the show and he really kicked things off for the entire audience. The fact that we were in the front row made us really feel like we were part of the show too! Lewis was his usual amazingly funny, witty, on-target, spontaneous self! The after-show meet and greet was priceless!! Lewis was very gracious and so personable. Thank you again so much for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! - Patricia Brickmeier

Jeff Seger & friend~ Portland ME
We had an absolutely great time meeting Lewis, John and all the great folks while you were in Portland. The fact that you not only took the time, on top of all of the work that goes into the show and hours spent traveling all over New England that week, but were also absolutely warm, gracious and genuinely nice to us just made the event that much more special. I am still in awe that you do this for your fans, and feel truly grateful that we got to be a part of it. - Jeff Seger

Pauline Slefinger ~ Orono ME
I met Lewis back stage at the Collins Center for the Arts in Orono ME. I have seen him many times before and this show was hilarious as usual. John Bowman is also great. Got to meet them both. Lewis is a very intelligent, warm and approachable celebrity. He was very gracious to both my husband and myself and couldn't have been nicer. He speaks on many of the social issues that we're all faced with today and we really enjoyed the show. - Pauline Slefinger 

Lisa Kazmier & John Bowman ~ New Brunswick NJ
I was chosen among those for the Meet/Greet on Feb. 25 in New Brunswick. The show was absolutely fantanstic, both Mr. Bowman and Mr. Black. Nice to see how everyone seemed to work as a team. I spoke for a few minutes with one of the merchandise vendors as well as the tour manager. All of it was delightful. Thank you so much. This was bucket list worthy for me! ~ Lisa Kazmier

David & Jasmine Thomas ~ Jacksonville FL
I got great seats again because of the fan club and a chance to meet Lew, too. It had been 22 months since Lew was last here on the first coast in Jacksonville, and he and John Bowman did not disappoint. My daughter Jasmine went with me and she composed a rant.. Lew read it and it was awesome. Lew is in real life a very nice man and I will always be a big fan. It was a pleasure to meet him. - David Thomas

Kathleen Walton & Craig Shumaker ~ Atlanta GA
I’ve lived in Indiana and now Texas for the past ten years. Just to reset my bearings, I must see Lewis Black yearly. Each show is better and better. How the fuck can that be?! He is so nice backstage. Somehow I managed to keep it all a secret from my girlfriend Kathleen.What a treat that was experiencing Mr Black and his brilliant humor in the Tabernacle Theater. Kathleen had no idea that something was up until we didn't exit the theater with everyone else. What a great evening all around. ~ Craig Shumaker

Tom Pena ~ Worcester MA
I wish to thank Mr.Lewis Black and his staff for a FanFuckingtastic night in Worcester MA. It was a great night of rants. And, as my picture shows...Lewis, you'll always be Number 1! Thanks again. ~ Tom Pena   

Lisa Pett & friend ~ Wausau WI
Even in places like Wausau, WI, people need Lewis Black. Especially in places like Wausau, WI, where the stupid fucking slogan is "Welcome to Central Time." Thanks for coming back to town, Lewis. You are a warm, friendly, honest person with the wit and intelligence to say what people need to hear. Even if that phrase is "fuck you!" ~ Lisa Pett

Thea & Ben Rogers ~ Bethlehem PA
Just wanted to say hello to Lewis, Ben and the crew. My husband and I are grateful to have gotten backstage to talk with you all for a few minutes. Thanks again, for supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Can't wait to see you when you're back in town. PS - Next time, I hope you get more peanut butter cups. If not, we can bring you some. ~ Thea Rogers

Seth David Healy ~ Oxford MS
Sometimes the Universe let's you meet the man or woman who inspired you to be a Game Changer for The Arts. I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the best craftsman of comedy Lewis Black in Oxford, MS ... I got to do this because I was selected from his F.U.C.K.U fan club. Dana Carvey once said "the nicest people in show business are usually the most talented" and everyone of Lewis Black's team members from Benjamin B. to Zeke F. to Lenny H. to one of the funniest men I have ever seen John Bowman made me and my friend Kelly feel like we were just part of the crew. I have met a good number of artists in my life but getting to see Mr. Black two nights in a row made my year. - Seth David Healy

Ron & Judy Williams ~ Richmond VA
Our Meet & Greet with Lewis after the show in Richmond VA. Really enjoyed the show and great to meet you, Lewis! ~ Ron Williams

Chris Sigsbee & Candy Fischer ~ Albany NY
We had a great time at the show and enjoyed meeting Lewis and John Bowman afterwards.I'm not sure if it's because the two of them are sharing cramped dressing rooms several months out of the year or what, but John's impression of Lewis is spot on! Looking forward to your next trip through NY! ~ Chris Sigsbee

Cami Cacciatore ~ Denver CO
Thanks again for the chance to meet Lewis after the show. He was gracious, warm, and welcoming. Very kind and took his time to talk to us on a personal level and posed for a picture with me--and a second time when the first didn't turn out. It was a pleasure to meet such an intelligent, warm person and see him off stage. I'm an even bigger fan now. Thank you! ~ Cami Cacciatore

Christina Smith & Stephanie Cline ~ Ft Collins CO
Just saw Lewis Black at Lincoln Center in Fort Collins. Always hysterical and on point. Got front row seats and a meet and greet by being part of the fan club. Fun meeting Lenny, Ben, and John too! Thank you Lewis and crew! ~ Stephanie Cline

Debbie Garcia & hubby ~ Springfield MO
Thank you again for picking me as the fan club winner to meet Lewis Black. Both myself and my husband had a awesome time. What a great guy and what a treat to visit with him one on one! ~ Debbie Garcia

Sheri Bellamak & Gene Bednarchik ~ Temecula CA
Just a quick note say thank you very very much...... It was an absolute honor to meet and speak with Mr. Black. I have attached a photo of the meeting. The photo will go up on my office wall. We also had the opportunity to say hi to John Bowman..... As a side bar, as always, John's opening was fantastic. I overheard several people asking "who was that guy that opened, he is funny." We look forward to seeing Lewis the next time he swings through Southern California ~ Gene Bednarchik

Diana Munoz Lee & friend ~ Skokie IL
We wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet Mr. Black. He was very kind to take time to chat with us. We had a great time and laughed our butts off. Can hardly wait to see him next time. ~ Diana Munoz Lee

Renae Olson - Fargo ND
Here are Lewis & I at The Fargo Theater. I was so star-struck that I forgot all of the clever, witty things I had planned to say. But I was able to ask him to pose for this photo with the MAD Magazine that I was in with Jesse Ventura in March of 1999! I was surprised to meet the handsome, soft-spoken man -- so different from his on-stage persona." ~ Love, love, love! Renae Olson

Marvina Havighorst ~ Salina KS
"'Marvigirl' and 'Mister B' at Salina - affectionately known as 'Salina-by-god-Kansas' - at the Stiefel Theater. In the words of a famous oldie-but-goodie, 'Oh, what a thrill!' Lewis Black rocks!" ~ Marvina Havighorst

Brian & Lannee Sands ~ Reading PA
We wanted to thank you for a fun filled, thought provoking evening. The whole experience was wonderful but the BEST part of the evening was meeting YOU! What a lovely, down-to-earth, gentle soul YOU  are! You made us feel comfortable and welcome. One of the most beautiful gifts you give is "Laughter." ~ Lannee and Brian Sands  

Donna & Andrew Esposito ~ Atlantic City NJ
We were so excited when we were notified that we were going to meet Mr. Lewis Black after show! After enjoying a brilliant and very funny show Lewis Black & John Bowman greeted us with grace and kindness. We want to thank them for allowing us to take a photo, it is an evening we will not forget! We had so much fun and appreciate you taking the time out to say Hello to two Gentle Snowflakes from Brigantine! ~ Donna & Andrew Esposito

Sue & Gloria  ~ Saginaw MI
Thanks again for choosing my name for the "Meet & Greet" for the Saginaw MI show. Lewis & John (Bowman) put on a great show that night! Lewis really handled some stupid heckler in the audience with  his notable "TEACHER" authority. This is the photo that we took that night. I had to find some 6-year-old to show me how to upload the photo to my computer to email it on to you! Lewis and I share the same techno-challenges. ~ Gloria Schuler

Denise Mitchell & friend ~ Greensburg PA
Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet with Mr. Black. It was such a treat for us! This is the 6th time we have attended his show. We will hold it as our closely guarded secret that Mr Black, in person, is a most affable, kind and calm person. A mensch! Thanks again. We look forward to our next encounter in the future. ~ Denise MItchell

Gina Palese & friend ~ Skokie IL
We had a wonderful time with Lewis Black yesterday night. He put on a great show as always. It was so nice of him to take his time to meet us! ~ Gina Palese

Katherine Byrd ~ Virginia Beach VA
This was my 5th time seeing Lewis Black but the first time I purchased tickets thru the Fan Club that I had recently joined instead of the venue. I would never have gotten seats better then what I had tonight, dead center in front of Lewis Black in the first row was heaven.  And then to be surprised by the email that I WON passes to Meet Lewis after the show!!!! Lewis has never disappointed me, he is just brilliantly funny,and the master of his domain. Thank you so much for such a great evening! ~ Katherine Byrd

Erik & Toni Campana ~ Durham NC
The tickets to the show were an early birthday gift to my husband and to be able to meet Lewis afterwards was the icing on the cake! Something neither of us will forget! Thank you! ~ Toni Campana

Theresa White ~ Tucson AZ
We had so much fun at the show, our seats were the best in the house. I'm so  glad I joined the fan club, every show is the best (as Lewis is) and we are so close to the stage. Our meet and greet was awesome. I have to admit I was very star struck. Lewis was very  kind cordial and his usual great self. Thank you again. ~ Theresa White

Judy Adams - Riverside CA
Thanks 'The Daily Show' for introducing me to Lewis Black in 1996. Dec 2004 at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles was the first time I saw Lewis' show. Since then, I've been fortunate to have attended at least 20 shows and counting. 9/13/2015 in Riverside, CA:  Woo Hoo, be still my heart.... I was fortunate to have a Meet & Greet! Lewis, I appreciate your patience and the time you spent talking with me (having also been born in D.C. and growing in suburban Maryland), especially as you are not only my favorite comedian, actor, performer, but someone for whom I have respect as a person. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all on 3/4/2016 in Temecula, CA! ~ Judy Adams

Laura & James - Hampton Beach NH
My fiancee and I saw Lewis at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom last night, and (as always .. 5th time seeing Lewis - 1st time as a .F.U.C.K.U member) he was AMAZING!!! We're both still aching from laughing so much. Better still, the second row center seats through the membership and being selected for a meet and greet opportunity, made this an incredibly special and tremendously memorable night. Meeting Lewis was truly a privilege and a complete treat. He was incredibly gracious and so friendly; chatting with us and making sure we got a photo. It was truly a very special encounter and we can't thank Lewis, his tour staff and all those at F.U.C.K.U, enough for the opportunity. The words can't describe how awesome this was! Here's the photo taken of Laura and I with Lewis."~ James & Laura

Jasmine & Dave Thomas - Jacksonville FL
Awesome seeing Lew in person when he was here in Jacksonville, FL. Front row center seats for the show then afterwards a meet and greet with Lew and John Bowman. A very nice and gracious man. I got the fan club shirt on I got at the show. My daughter was the subject of one of Lew's rants during the Q & A about that I just HAD to join his fan club because I just HAD to have front row seats and I just HAD to drag her my 23 year old daughter along. Looking forward to seeing Lew and John on their next tour here. Thanks again to both of them, they are very funny men. ~ Dave & Jasmine Thomas

Lucienne & Carl Lightfoot - Grand Rapids MI
My husband Carl and I had such a great time at the show in Grand Rapids last night!  Meeting Lewis afterwards made it perfect, and a great Birthday gift for me.. Thank you so much for signing the book for our son, I know he will be thrilled! - Lucienne & Carl Lightfoot

Mr & Mrs Michael Purcell - Monterey CA

We were the lucky people who got to meet Lewis after the show in Monterey because we bought the F.U.C.K.U. tickets. Lewis and Ben were great. Thanks for the opportunity! ~ Michael Purcell

Paul & Shari Newton - Cincinnati OH

The wife and I had the greatest time last night at the show. It was 5 below zero outside and Mr. Black came out Hot! After the show we got to go backstage for the meet and greet with Lewis. We had a fabulous time talking with Lewis and John. Besides being  great entertainers, they are nice people. We had a great time and we looking forward to seeing them again in the future. Thanks again for the great show! ~ Paul Newton

 Tim & Robin Healy - San Francisco CA
I first met Lewis Black was back into the early 2000’s at the Punchline SF where I was so close to him that I could watch the beads of sweat drip off his brow. He was then and still is my very favorite comic and talent when it comes to social commentary and views on how messed up the world actually is! Tonight, 2/7/15, at the Masonic Center in San Francisco was my fifth time seeing him and whether you are close to the stage or in the balcony it never gets old … it just gets better. So happy to bring my wife with me as she hears me talk about Lewis Black all the time! It was made even better this time around by getting the chance to actually have a chat with Lewis and his opening act John Bowman after the show. Thanks to F.U.C.K.U. and much love to you Lewis, John and the whole crew. - Tim & Robin Healy

Angelo & Anthony Leece - Stateline (Lake Tahoe) NV
My son and I had a great time and I can't tell you how fortunate we were to be able to meet Lewis. Of course Lewis was very gracious and humble. We have such a great appreciation for his work and the personal time he spent to meet us. Our thanks to Lewis and his crew - we can't wait to see his next show! And tell Lewis to definitely go back to Tahiti again before his next tour. Thanks again to you all.
- Anthony Leece

Doris Carroll & Glen Tinnes - Dekalb IL
We had a blast last night. Great show!! Mr. Black signed my shirt over my left breast. Nice! And we had to eat at Taco Bell after the show. Dekalb, a happening town! NOT! -  Doris Carroll & Glen Tinnes

Janet Harvey-Clark & John Bowman - Seattle WA
I was so thrilled to be randomly selected among Lewis' and John's fans to meet with the two of them after their show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA. My friend Darryl and I sat in the first row center of the orchestra pit (and have the delightfully sore necks to prove it).  I have seen Lew in action on stage many times but I never realized the amount of physical and psychological energy they put into giving their audience members a complete comedic experience. I was most impressed that they had the good spirits, attentiveness and energy to meet with fans afterwards. I felt very special to have a moment to tell Lew and John how much their making me laugh has meant to me. - Janet Harvey-Clark

John Bowman, Beckie & Wayne Whittier - San Antonio TX
It was a perfect evening - perfect seats, great show! Lewis made mention that this was the best San Antonio audience he had ever had and my wife and I agreed. We had seen him in San Antonio four times as well as Austin, Dallas and pretty much everywhere within 300 miles of home. Lewis was a wonderful guy to meet, such a treat for Beckie and I both. He just seemed to us like a genuine, nice guy with a razor sharp wit and an even better sense of humor. You folks made EVERYTHING perfect. Thanks again for an evening we won't soon forget! - Wayne & Beckie Whittier

Karen & Gary Watson - Richmond VA
My wife and I had the opportunity to see Lewis Black in Richmond, Virginia on November 20th. I am one of the original members of the F.U.C.K.U. Club and I plan on continuing my membership. We had front row center stage seats for the show and had been selected for a meet and greet with Lewis after the show because of the F.U.C.K.U. membership. I highly recommend that all Lewis Black fans join. We had a wonderful time at the show and enjoyed meeting Lewis. Here is a photo of Karen and I with Lewis. Thanks again and we hope to see Lewis and his tour next year in Richmond. The entire staff was great to work with especially his tour manager. Thanks again - Gary & Karen Watson

Chelle & Dan Linder - Ft Collins CO
Here's the picture of my wife, Chelle, and I meeting Lew on November 9th at the Lincoln Center, in Fort Collins, CO. Lew was amazing! He was friendly and a delight to talk to, and put on a great show, as usual. Thanks a million to Lew and all of you for this wonderful experience! - Dan and Chelle Linder

 Melissa Trimble - Austin TX
The Austin show was awesome! My husband and I had a blast and I was the winner of the meet and greet so I got to meet the man himself! It was orgasmic! Thanks for giving a me a birthday experience I will not soon forget! - Melissa Trimble
 Steven & Arlene Levenson - Atlantic City NJ
What a humble, down to earth person who obviously loves his craft and appreciates his fans. We enjoyed every minute of the show and the time we spent together after the show ended. Thanks Lewis Black! - Steven & Arlene Levenson
 Fran & John Kinnee - Toledo OH
We met Lewis after the show in Toledo. It was a great show as always. I loved it and I loved the great seats we were able to get because of the fan club. Of course, the highlight was getting to meet Lewis backstage! Here is the pic we took with Lewis. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. - Fran & John Kinnee

Kevin Cromarty - Tampa Bay FL

It was great to meet him - really nice and down to earth and although I'm sure he was pretty exhausted after the show, he gave plenty of time to have a chat. Wasn't exactly sure what to expect but there was no shouting or finger waving, so I guess I was ok :) Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet him. He gave up time to meet his fans, and I appreciated it. Come to Tampa again sometime soon! Thanks again for the opportunity to meet him.Kevin Cromarty

Roberta Crouse - Santa Rosa CA
Let me tell you about a wonderful night in Santa Rosa. Listened to John Bowman’s jokes and his electric ukulele, unannounced special guest star Tommy Smothers and his rhinestone yoyo, 40 minutes of blistering annoyance from Lewis that also included a very funny story about Lewis and naked breasts on the side of a bus in Europe.  By the time Tommy Smothers came back on stage with Lewis for a 25 minute sit-down I was exhausted from laughing, but can’t remember having a better time in a theater except for Lewis’ show at the City Winery in Napa a year ago. 

My wonderful night started like this: When we were being seated, the usher looked at our tickets said: “You must really know someone”: Front Row Center with thanks to F.U.C.K.U.!  Inside the envelope with the tickets was a backstage pass where we got to meet THE Man, have the obligatory souvenir photo taken and get my Lewis Black bobblehead doll autographed. The doll is important to me in that it supports four charities, two of which have special meaning for me: The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because two of my cousins died from it many years ago and The Michael J. Fox Foundation because my father had Parkinson’s and died from complications of the disease. 
Off stage, Lewis is the antithesis of his stage persona...Quiet and thoughtful. A genuinely nice man who didn’t mind signing my bobblehead before we went on our way. With best wishes ~ Robbie Crouse