North by Northwest

by Lenny Hughes The Greater Northwest-November 2 We're roaring over the mountains on the I-90 in Washington. The scenery is spectacular, with tow...

Lenny's N(eg)ativity Scene

by Lenny Hughes Merry Christmas! Here's a litte N(eg)ativity Scene for you.

Teachers (10/9/2014)

An audience member at the Palace Theatre in Columbus OH asks Lewis to say something nice about teachers. Uh oh.

Lewis & Celebrity Pick 'Em

WATCH Lewis give his NFL picks for Celebrity Pick 'Em this week. He offers a few polite suggestions for the NFL as well as the perfect nickname...

Watch Pixar's "Inside Out" Teaser

Featuring Lewis Black as "Anger." In theaters June 19, 2015. Mark your calendars!

Long Island and Newark-September 26-28

by Lenny Hughes It's Bobblemania here in the New York suburbs. We're between shows at the venerable Theatre at Westbury. Lewis is back home in Ma...


Lewis answers an audience question in his own special way during a show in Toronto. NSFW!

On the Road Again

by Lenny Hughes New Hampshire and Connecticut-September 6-7, 2014 Ahhh...back on The Road, after the long not-real-hot summer. Lewis spent time ...

Montclair NJ Rant

An epic Lewis rant in Montclair NJ where the time of the show was incorrectly printed on the tix.

Lewis Black on Ruling the World

Lewis Black's Chicago Rant

The Windy City

by Lenny Hughes Chicago and the Last Hurrah-May 11-16 We're rolling down I-90 toward Rockford, out of Chicago where Lew and John last night slew ...